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How We Became Travel Fish Florida

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How we Became Travel Fish Florida

It all started when my husband and I launched our company, Navarre Kayak Fishing. We spent the better part of the year bouncing ideas back and forth to give our business an innovative edge that would inspire our community. In the midst of it all, we found our most successful ideas were those that inspired us instead. 

We found ourselves immersed in our ritual “business pitch session” when the idea of offering retreat-like services was introduced. This idea captivated me to the core and made me question – why stop there? After months of hard work and exploration, we combined my love for travel with his love for fishing, in this beautiful state we call home, creating the family operated, full-service travel agency – Travel. Fish. Florida. 

So, What is Travel Fish Florida?

Travel Fish Florida is a full-service travel agency. In other words, whether you are looking for a one time car rental or a luxurious family vacation – we’ve got you covered. We’ve built the expertise and relationships that allow us to offer you the best deals with only the best providers. We specialize in helping you get your next vacation planned. Not just any vacation, but awe-inspiring vacations filled with life-enriching experiences that leave you speechless.

How can we Help?

Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you may have a case of wanderlust.

But maybe you… 

  • Are not sure where to start, 
  • Do not have the time to plan out a vacation,
  • Have troubles finding affordable rates for basic services, or 
  • Feel overwhelmed by sorting out all the possibilities. 
Trust me, my friend. I completely understand. You see – travel has a way of making us feel alive again. On the other hand, it can be hard to dive into a new city when there is uncertainty of our environment and our minds are trapped on the logistics. The gist is this: You have the entire world to see and deserve to enjoy the journeys you take with your hard earned money. That is why we are here to help.

So ask yourself – are you ready to take your dream vacation, travel for once in a lifetime events, receive useful travel tips, and save money along the way? Then, welcome. You are right at home. 


About Us | Travel Fish Florida
Travel Fish Florida
About Us | Travel Fish Florida

Get your travel inspiration from our Travel Blog. From tidbits and tips to hidden gems, we invite you to follow us on our journey. Awaken your inner traveler and together we will Travel. Fish. Florida. 

At Travel. Fish. Florida., we specialize in helping you get your vacation planned. Not just any vacation, but awe-inspiring vacations filled with life-enriching experiences that leave you speechless”.

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Wanderlust (n): a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.